18 May 2018

Stevenson Welcomes Lottery Funding Boost for Broch

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the latest round of lottery funding for projects which has seen a funding boost for the Fraserburgh South Links Sports Development Trust.

The Trust has been successful in its application and been awarded £8,000 from SportScotland. This group are in the process of developing a new community sporting facility in Fraserburgh, in partnership with multiple local sports clubs. This project will allow the group to buy a range of athletics equipment for use at the site.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“I’m really pleased for the Trust that their application for funding has been successful.

“Community-led projects, like this one in Fraserburgh, tend to attract a great deal of goodwill and support from local residents so it’s great when they achieve successes such as this.”

A National Lottery Awards for All spokesperson said:

“This is National Lottery money making a real impact in communities across Scotland. The 74 groups receiving funding today showcases the range of projects that can be funded through this programme and the difference that even the smallest amounts of money can make.”

National Lottery Awards for All Scotland is now more straightforward to apply to and faster to get funding from. Applications are received on a rolling basis and can be received at any time. To find out what National Lottery Awards for All Scotland could do for your community visit or phone 0300 123 7110.

MSP Warns UK Tory Government Not To Abandon Erasmus+

Banff School Benefited from over £10,000 Funding

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has warned that the highly popular Erasmus+ scheme is in danger as a result of the UK Tory Government’s position on a hard Brexit.

The Erasmus+ scheme aims to promote and modernise education, training, youth work and sport across Europe, and gives students from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to live, work and study in other European countries.

In the Aberdeenshire Council area, over €150,000 has been received from the Erasmus+ scheme in the last 3 years, with over €10,000 going to Banff Primary School alone to assist with language development.

A report by Holyrood’s Culture Committee has recommended that the Scottish Government should explore whether it would be possible for Scotland to continue participating in Erasmus+ as a programme country if the UK Government will not commit to the scheme beyond 2020.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“Aberdeenshire has received over €150,000 funding across many individual projects from the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme since 2014 – including significant funding locally, such as €10,825 to Banff Primary School.

“And it is not just monetary benefits we stand to lose if pull out of Erasmus+ – our universities, businesses and research bodies will miss out on opportunities for international collaboration and our young people will be denied the chance to engage in, as they themselves describe it, life-changing experiences if the Tories pull out of Erasmus+ after 2020.

“The future of EU research funding, the Erasmus+ programme and freedom of movement is crucial to the future success of our world-renowned academic institutions, and it is extremely worrying that the Department for Exiting the European Union’s sectoral report on higher education failed to even mention Erasmus+.

“Nearly two years since the EU referendum, the Westminster Government needs to appreciate the opportunities that will be lost and start limiting the damage Brexit will cause. They can start by ensuring we remain part of Erasmus+.”

Tories' New £2.5bn Trident Bill Shows Costs "Spiralling Out of Control"

Local SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has condemned Tory Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson’s commitment to spend a further £2.5 billion on Trident, on top of the £205 billion already committed to nuclear submarines.

The Tory Defence Secretary has announced a £1.5bn contract with BAE systems for a new Astute hunter killer submarine as well as contracts worth £960 million for the Dreadnought submarine programme.

This comes following the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee’s criticism last week that the Ministry of Defence spending plans were simply “not realistic” and could be more than £20 billion over budget.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“The Tory Government's Trident bill is spiralling out of control.

"Rather than spending hundreds of billions on nuclear weapons, the Tories should be investing in our conventional defence forces and public services.

“The Tories simply cannot be trusted to deliver for our armed forces, as the totally unjustified, immoral and escalating cost of the Tories’ nuclear obsession comes at the expense of our defence bases, troop numbers, and equipment.

“This is an eye-watering amount of money that is difficult to comprehend. If just a fraction of that was spent on public services instead then it could be transformational. Instead, the UK Government seems obsessed with nuclear weapons.

“The SNP will stand against Trident - today, tomorrow and always.”
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